Code of Ethics

When engaging in business practice it is important that a member is guided by these overall governing principles.


  • 1. A Member is to consider first, the interest of the association in all transactions and to carry out its established principles. And will not engage in conduct which is prejudicial to the best interest of the association.

  • 2. A member shall endeavor to keep himself or herself in formed about the current development and legislative amendments regarding customs related issues, in order to promote the efficient perform o f his or her responsibilities,

  • 3. A member will participate in professional development programs, such as seminars and workshops in order to enhance his or her knowledge and performance.

  • 4. A member will pledge to act as an agent within the scope of authority delegated by the client and to act in the best interest of client and will denounce all forms of improper business practice.

  • 5. A member shall ensure that clients receive a prompt and courteous reception in all business transactions.

  • 6. A member will abide by and encourage others to practice the code of professional ethics.

  • 7. A member will guide and assist fellow member is in the performance of their duties and will discourage members from unethical, unprofessional conduct and unlawful activities that may be detrimental to the association, the public, public revenues and department of custom or other entities.

  • 8. Member will co-operate with all organizations and individuals who are engaged in the activities which enhances the development of the Association, which will complement the attainment of its objective in promoting trade, commerce and industry.

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