Code of Conduct

Members in applying these rules of conduct are expected to be guided by declaring any interest, practice confidentiality, practice fair competition among fellow members, avoid the acceptance of gifts and discrimination and to be cognizant of their responsibility to the environment.


  • 1. A member shall declare any personal interests which will reasonably prevent or affect the efficient performance of his or her duties.

  • 2. A member as a fiduciary of their clients must practice confidentiality of all information received during the course of his or her duty, and must refrain from using or disclosing such information for personal gain and any information given by the member during the course of his or her duty shall be a representation of ruth.

  • 3. Members will pledge to each other to practice fair competition in business practice and will refrain from charging unreasonable competitive prices, with the intent to undermine other members.

  • 4. Members are to refrain from asking or accepting any gifts, loans or favor in exchange for anything to be done or omitted to be done by a member, which will preserve the image and integrity of the member and the association.

    • 4.1. Subject to refraining from taking gifts, a member can accept small items of nominal value, however reasonable hospitality such as lunches and dinners as a business courtesy is accepted.

  • 5. Members are to refrain from practicing any form of discrimination or harassment towards any person to whom is engaged in business activities.

  • 6. Members are to be cognizant of their social responsibilities to the environment.

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