Hiring a Customs Broker

Why do I need a Customs Broker?

A customs broker who falls under the umbrella of CBAB have the requisite knoweldge to legally represent importers in their dealings with Customs. Customs brokers play a vital role in the importing process by ensuring that your goods are in compliance with government regulations and legislation. A Customs Broker can facilitate an entry on the importer's behalf and classify goods according to the Harmonized Tariff Schedule to apply duties and taxes owing to the Customs & Excise Department CBAB experience members begins to arrange customs clearance for your shipments before they arrive at destination.


What are the advantages of using a CBAB ?

Constant changes in government rules and regulations require constant monitoring. Most companies find it too expensive and time consuming to monitor these changes. CBAB members ensures that our dedicated members will work out any duty and taxes and liaise with Customs to ascertain the speedy transit of your goods. It makes good business sense to hire a customs broker to help make certain that the goods are processed in an efficient and cost-effective manner.


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